Inventory Management System

Let Quoteplan help you manage inventory so you focus on customer deliverables.


Problem are we solving

Not knowing vendor price and stock makes job difficult
Not knowing part lead-time, whether & part is active or obsolete slows down project execution
Too low, too high or inaccurate inventory costs financial disturbance
Inefficient and ineffective tools increases operating cost, reducing profit margin


Quoteplan lets you get up and running quickly. Intuitive drag and drop interface lets shvop floor people interact and manage entire inventory process easily.
Customizable : Quoteplan team customize your purchasing, invoice and inspection reports.
Connect to your vendors : Use state of the art parser technology to fetch special prices and available stock from vendors. Shop around for competitive prices from multiple vendors.
Realtime Information : Manage real-time inventory, reduce inventory carrying cost by tracking low inventory, dead-inventory, consumables.
Regulatory compliance and various certification : Lots of our customers have audited and received ISO, CSIA, UL and other certifications.
Customize PO format, consolidate multiple projects in single PO
Digital signature and built in email to track purchasing statu
Receive inventory, cross-check against the raised purchase order, and assign a storage location
Mark received inventory fully delivered or remaining to deliver against the relative purchase order
Do GRN in easy steps
Flexible application for adding multiple panels, and sub-panels during the quotation phase
Jump to various sections and come back to start where you left
Add multiple factory locations or inventory locations, and working floors for simplicity of working
Assign inventory from the main store to the respective work location as per the received requirements sheet
Allocate a dedicated quality person and while doing GRN do a quality check of received items
Mark items and make return notes if needed directly
Accept or send invoices directly from the system
Quoteplan team will customize your invoices as per your formats


Our Clients Say

I can focus on my core activities and close more sales due to QuotePlan.

Manager, Loman Systems

We really like QuotePlan integrated with inventory system. As a business owner I can have more visibility to my project P&L. We are really thankful to you for your quick, immediate & superfast support.

Owner, ACS Engineering

RutamSoft has created something which most of the softwares haven’t scratched the surface of.

CEO Chicago Electric

Benefits of Quotepan – inventory management System

Inventory management has also been shown to be beneficial
Correctly order and time supply shipments
Prevent product theft or loss
Manage seasonal products all year Deal with unexpected demand or market fluctuations
Maintain optimal resource efficiency
Real-world data may be used to improve sales methods
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