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Problem are we solving

For most industries, the business process starts from the quotation phase, however, it is very manual, cumbersome, and error-prone mainly in control panel manufacturing

Often engineering resources get utilized in quotation cycle however they are logged as non-billable hrs

Lack of appropriate tools at affordable price point makes job difficult


Solving these Problems

Big Data




Built in Database

Big data over 1M items for process automation industry Technical catalogs at fingertip
Manage multi-tier item pricing from vendors based on price group, catalog no etc
Quickly build complex sub assemblies to improve efficiency in repetitive tasko
Improve substantial efficiency by using state of the art parser technology to fetch special prices from vendors

Built in Intelligence

Send quick, accurate quotations with built-in items repository
Built-in intelligent database to avoid mistakes in the quotation process

Built in Flexibility

Flexible application for adding multiple panels, and sub-panels during the quotation phase
Jump to various sections and come back to start where you left

Built in Analytics

Quoteplan tracks the number of components used, gives a summary and analysis
Reports usage of components and their overall sum for ordering


Our Clients Say

I can focus on my core activities and close more sales due to QuotePlan.

Manager, Loman Systems

We really like QuotePlan integrated with inventory system. As a business owner I can have more visibility to my project P&L. We are really thankful to you for your quick, immediate & superfast support.

Owner, ACS Engineering

RutamSoft has created something which most of the softwares haven’t scratched the surface of.

CEO Chicago Electric
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