Fab Shops


Problem are we solving

How to manage customer order in time and budget
How to optimize material and human resources
How to lower operating expenses


Quoteplan helps

Built in quotation to inventory management
Realtime access to project profit and loss
Simple, intuitive, flexible
Built for speed and efficiency




Our Clients Say

I can focus on my core activities and close more sales due to QuotePlan.

Manager, Loman Systems

We really like QuotePlan integrated with inventory system. As a business owner I can have more visibility to my project P&L. We are really thankful to you for your quick, immediate & superfast support.

Owner, ACS Engineering

RutamSoft has created something which most of the softwares haven’t scratched the surface of.

CEO Chicago Electric

Fabrication is the process of creating goods by combining usually standardised elements with one or more specific processes. Steel fabrication, for example, is the manufacture of metal structures by a variety of operations such as cutting, bending, and assembling. Fabrication uses semi-finished or raw materials to make something from start to finish, as opposed to simply assembling it. This work is typically completed by a fabrication shop (or fab shop).

Quoteplan helps Fab shops to identify inventory gaps, help to make purchase orders, manage projects and analysis to work needed for completion of the project with its overall project management system.

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